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Labeling lines.

For our anchor chain we simply put a white wire tie every ten feet. We tried the color thing with paint and ties and found that trying to remember what red-blue-red meant or what green was was a pain the butt. Somebody in our club who has cruised and anchored this area for decades told us about putting a wire tie every ten feet and leaving it at that. You want ninety feet out? Count out nine ties. You don't even have to see them to know how many feet of chain is going out. In the dark, you can feel them simply by putting your palm on top of the chain as it goes out to the end of the pulpit.

We use ties about 8"long and we don't trim them. The "tails" make them more obvious. Eventually a tail will get torn off in the pile of chain in the locker but it hasn't happened yet. When it does it will leave the bottom of the tie on the chain so you just put on a new tie. When we installed the ties we ran the chain through the windlass so all the ties would be on the same side of the chain as it went through the wildcat. I don't know that it makes a difference, though. We've never had a tie hang up or get caught on anything going out or coming in.

So far we've never forgotten how much chain we've put out, but as a precaution once we're anchored and set one of us writes how much chain is out on a sticky note and puts it on the steering cable raceway at the helm.

All our mooring/docking lines are black and are the same length.* So like Charles, whatever line one grabs is going to be the same as the others.* We also leave our mooring lines permanently attached to their fore, midship, and aft*cleats on both sides of the boat.* The unused lines are left looped and locked over the handrail.* When we leave a dock the lines that had been used to secure us to it are also looped and locked over the rail.* So the lines are always ready no matter which side of the boat ends up against a dock.

We have special lines made up for use on a mooring buoy, and for our anchor snubbers.* These are white(ish)*and the hardware on the ends makes it impossible to mistake them for anything else.

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