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Alternative to Coastal Explorer

First, let me apologize in advance. I'm sure this has been asked and discussed, but I'm one step up from complete ignorance when it comes to searching something out. But I tried...

I've used Coastal Explorer on my last boat for several years. I sold my last version and the laptop it was on with the boat. (Yeah..I know...don't say it.) I really am used to, and like, pc based nav software. Use it in addition to my chart plotter.

On the new (to me) boat, I'm just about to purchase a new copy of CE, but thought I'd take a shot to see if there is any really cool new stuff there that leaves CE in the dirt. Please keep in mind that I am stump stupid when it comes to anything electronic. It was a monumental task for me to figure out how to make my original set up work, so I'm not about to buy anything new unless its EASY....REAL EASY to figure out. I"m perfectly ok getting another CE, but just in case...

AGain, my apologies for what I'm sure is a common question. Thanks for any help you can provide.

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