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check if there is an air filter installed on the return side that is plugging. Check if the return is a hose that it is not crimped or squashed partly shut. If either is the case it may restrict the air flow enough that , as already suggested, the exchanger is overheating.
Many units like this must have a VERY good flow of cabin air or the exchanger overheats and the unit shuts down.

You might also check the actual voltage at the FAN itself. If full V is not getting to the fan so it runs a bit slow the same wil occur.

A cranial cramp made me suggest this. Check the exhaust pipe and outlet for any restrictions. Collapsing pipe/hose or bug plugs, nests, are a common cause of heater trouble in RV and the units are not all that different. Again if the exhaust is restricted the combustion chamber/heat exchanger will get too hot and cause a shut down.
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