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3 Bank 100 amp Charles Battery Charger for sale

For sale once again. Those that have been on here awhile may remember this item. I thought it was sold, even got a deposit, asked me to hold it for 4 months, then the guy disappeared. I think he was in negotiations for an older Bayliner.

100 amp Charles 3 bank battery charger like new.

Please see the add here.

The unit is packed and ready to ship.

New price $700 for everything.

If you are thinking at all about a robust battery charger give this serious consideration. I used it for about 2 years to charge my 420 AH house battery bank, engine start battery and generator start battery. In practice I would run the genny about 1.5 hrs in the morning and about the same in the evening to keep the batts charged. My refrig was an older unit and a real power hog gulping about 7ah in the summer. This Charles charger did the job of keeping everything charged.

It has I believe 3 charge modes and can be adjusted for Lead Acid, AGM or Gel Cell batts.

Depending on the length of your cable runs everything you need to install the charger is here. The 3 Blue Seas Fuses cost close to $100 just themselves.

PM me for additional info.
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