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$5k mystery Willard

We have the 1963 Willard 36' motorsailer, Spartan. We have the original yard checklist for Spartan and it refers to Spartan as 5-36, delivered in 1963 in Costa Mesa. Most anecdotal information would suggest Spartan might be the last of the series.

Underneath the aggressive changes there are a few things that make me think this started as a factory motorsailer. And what's '63 or '66 that's a lot of years ago. We have an engraved plastic factory build plate that could be original that calls it 5-36. 1963.

These are some of the things I recognize as common to our boat and this hull.

The bow sprit roots and bobstay fitting match, there are chainplates showing with turnbuckles in a view from the bow. The bronze chainplates on Spartan are internal, only some large bolt heads show on hull surface. There is a mizzen mast step and chain plates for an mizzen mast showing in the view of the yellowed plastic "windows". The cast aluminum step is very similar in appearance and location on the hull to Spartan's.

The engine room, layout and shelves to the side are typical to the motorsailer and are not like any other Willard model. The true aft pilot house model has an engine in a box half in the main cabin. The aft pilothouse model also has portlights in the hull into the main, midships cabin.

The front of the trunk house shape is the same as ours with forward facing windows built over.

The 3' wide companionway to the main salon still exists and the ladder under that shown looking aft in one shot matches.

At the head shots looking forward you can see the structure to support the original deck stepped main mast.

There are some shots of something that looks like a wide Vee Berth arrangement. That is the aft cabin, that is the least touched space internally.

The head to starboard has almost identical arrangement to our original layout. TP holder, lift counter top to right and the open cabinet work above the small round sink are the same

I think it's the boat once called Renaissance. There are 14 photos of that boat on the Willard Yahoo group. The reworked superstructure, fore deck, salon window rework are fairly recognizable. In the lineup of Willard boats in the Yacht World entry the motorsailer aerial view is the same boat, before the additions.

It would be interesting to know how the 1966 date was attached to her. Unfortunately there were no hull numbers molded in and no one at Willard now has the corporate memory intact enough to assist.

Tough to see in this condition, but those hulls are hell for stout and a hopeless romantic could do worse. If it is 1963, the concrete interior ballast is weighted with lead not steel or iron, and that is huge.
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