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Originally Posted by caltexflanc View Post
We had an estate sale and got rid of everything except the art, antiques, heirlooms and extremely valuable stuff. The math mentioned above really gets expensive, even in two years, which was our original plan. We liked the lifestyle and our boat so much that turned into 6+.
I've mentioned estate sales here before. They don't have to be huge estates. There are professionals to run them all around and you'd be amazed what they can get for your things.

As to the mention of using shipping containers, I've seen it done, knew one woman with 6 of them behind her home, all on concrete slabs. They were filled with mice and rats, bees, mosquitoes and every other creature you don't want to deal with when opened up. So much that a moving company refused to unload them.

I've seen things left with moving and storage companies fine several years later and worthless several years later. Bed bugs are problems in some storage facilities as well.

My point is that if it's worth keeping, then plan on spending a good bit on storing and protecting it. If it's not worth premium storage, then it's not worth keeping.
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