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Having cleared my fathers house, my mothers place and now our place, I can say that 99% of your stuff has no commercial or financial value. There are so many baby-boomers retiring and downsizing that the market is flooded with antiques and "brown" furniture. If your kids don't want your stuff even with sentimental connections, who else would? And who under the age 50 or so would want to have their home filled with granny furniture?

Even art can be problematic as fashions and tastes change, unless your pieces are by a known artist with a long track record of sales, especially recent sales, it too is worth lots less than you might think. Do not forget than insurance values are far removed from the price you will get at auction.

There were many pieces that Goodwill did not want since they were impossible to resell.

In the end most things went to the dump in a big dumpster, some was put on the sidewalk and was picked up by free-lance recyclers. Dishes, pots and pans, flatware, small appliances all went to Goodwill along with ski gear, winter coats and other linens.
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