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Originally Posted by Ski in NC View Post
Specifically, large merchant vessels and cruise ships. Merchant vessels seem to be all Asian, with smaller ones European. I think all the recent large cruise ships have been European (???). Whether the funding for European shipyards comes from Asian investors or not, does not seem to be a big deal to me. It is still an expensive place to do such building, yet they somehow make it work. I'm surprised the cruise ship building business has not gone to Asia (yet???).

I have not done my homework prior to commenting, just going off gut feel. Don't know of such scale (commercial) shipbuilding going on stateside. Certainly capable yards building large military ships, but that seems about it.
There are cruise ships also built in Asia, although they're primarily in Europe. And there will be many more. I refer you to this article on cruise ships.

Cruise ships have just been the work of a very few yards in the world.

There are no cruise ships or container ships to be flagged in the US so no real reason for US builders. Sort of a reverse impact of the Jones Act and while they could be built in the US, no reason for anyone to do so. The few ships TOTE and Crowley use are built in the US.

Despite the majority being elsewhere, there are 10 shipbuilders with 20 yards in the US-Austal, Bollinger, Edison Chouest, Fincantieri, General Dynamics, Huntington Ingalls, Keppel, Philly, Vigor, and Halter.

Now, US Shipbuilding has lost a lot of builders and most of that can be attributed to the Steel Industry. Bethlehem Steel once had nine shipyards.

Builders in every other part of the industry have proven yo can build at a reasonable cost in the US, from Boston Whaler to Westport.

I did extensive analysis about 3-4 years ago on the possibility of moving an Asian builder with primarily US customers to the US. In a well designed facility could have reduced the costs. Look at Ocean Alexander's efforts to build in the US. Even the new Bertram's serve as an example as the Gavio's saw the benefit in building Bertram in the US.
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