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Originally Posted by Wayfarer View Post

Lol, I figured it was only a matter of time before the Aussie crew made me regret posting this... You folks sure know your way around a spider! Christ, look at that thing! At what point do they just become king crab?? And to think, I used to want to visit Australia.
And that's just the beginning. As well as world's most venomous spider, (Bruce's funnel web), we also have the world's most venomous snakes, the worlds most venomous octopus, (a pretty wee blue-ringed fellow), we also have one of the worlds most venomous fish, a wee ugly thing one can easily tread on called the stonefish, and the world's most venomous jellyfish. As a then visiting Kiwi, it did wonders for my enjoyment of snorkelling to see a sign on the beach at Magnetic Island, saying...
'Box jellyfish are found in these waters from about October/November through to March/April. (That was early October). If stung by a box jellyfish, CPR should be commenced immediately while someone else calls the emergency number for anti-venom to be delivered." Or words to that effect.
I've probably left some out.

Oh yes, PS. One small good thing to attribute to the Asian Gecko invasion, that came in in timber imports from Vietnam, is they appear to have eaten all the red backs around the house. (Black Widows to USians)
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