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Originally Posted by dlgammons View Post
What are manicoolers? Do they cool the exhaust manifolds? Thanks for the tip, I will consider that in my decision. I have read positive reports about the Hinos, however the availability of spare parts was sighted as a problem.
Did the 45/47 Pilothouse come with Hinos?
Manicoolers are easily handled if any reasonable service if performed on the engines. Manicoolers are a combination exhaust manifold and heat exchanger very similar to what you will find in Yanmar and other current 'smaller' diesels.
The 45 Bayliner came with both big block gas as well as the EH700 Hino which is turbo and intercooled and rated at 220 hp.
The 47 Bayliner came with both the 250 and 310hp rated WO6 series Hino's (newer and smaller displacement) as well as a very few that were gas powered. If you are looking at a WO6 series powered Hino please consider the many advantages of the 310 hp versions.
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