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Originally Posted by Tigs View Post
Ok great info thanks all ...One last question , splinting hairs here, Seeing I'm doing most of my boating on Lake Champlain and I choose to register in Vermont because it seems to have a lower tax rate then NY, but I dock for the summer in a marina across the lake in New York ...can I do this ? seeing the boat will be more on the new York side but I register it in Vermont can I counter that by winterizing and storaging it on the Vermont side during the winter months ?
You also need to reexamine your information as Vermont may not have a lower tax rate as you have assumed. There's is 6%. NY's is as low as 4% or as high as 8.75% depending on location. NY gives you credit for tax paid to another state. Vermont does not do so. NY has a cap on sales tax on a boat so they can compete with Florida. Vermont does not.
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