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Looking for a 34 or 42 pros/cons

Ok weighing the pros and cons of both boats. I'm going to list the pros and cons feel free to add on.

PROS of the 42
two engines hence security if one goes down
because of two engines , more stability
more room nearly ten feet longer
11inch wider
more sq footage

CONS of the 42
more fuel cost
more insurance
more dockage fees
more repairs two engines
older model mid 2005

PROS of 34
less fuel cost
less insurance
less dockage fees
less repair cost
newer model 2010 and up

CONS of 34
less space then 42
less stabil
one engine -less security

Did I forget something? I have found several models of the 42 and 34 and basically the 42 will cost less for purchase seeing it's older, average year of 2005 while the 34 I found are 2012 and up.

I'm going back and forth on this....

Planning on boating down to Florida with it from upstate NY. Wife and first mate my 13 year old son, my teenage daughter might come along for part of the trip.
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