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Originally Posted by FF View Post
" outdated electronics,"

Most electronics are "outdated" sometime between purchase and instalation.

Old items like autopilots are still on board because the still WORK!

A summer only boat need not be very large unless you are purchasing it to play hotel for guests.

35 ft does fine , especially when heat or air cond are not required and you can spend time outside.

Why change boats anyway , just to have a "trawler" style?

Good point, but there are some big advantages to trawler style. For starters, they are significantly cheaper to operate (with diesel) than a 38ft gas boat, probably half as much. I went thru that with my 31 ft gas boat which cost double the operating cost of my 40 ft. trawler. Then there's often better space arrangements in the trawler, but perhaps not huge. And you can get a "fast" trawler in one wants more speed (at a price). Plus I think they just look cool.
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