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Originally Posted by OntheHook View Post
... Purchasing the next boat (Trawler type) 45' to 52', we were hoping to stay under $200k. However, scouring Yachtworld and broker sites, it seems like anything under that price is 30+ years old, engine hours north of 4,000, outdated electronics, worn interiors and faded/caulky exteriors. Not understanding the high asking prices for most of these boats when compared to much newer express cruisers and motoryachts? End of rant, just had to vent because it has been very discouraging! ...
First bigger is just more expensive (more materials, more labor). However, a lot of it has to due with production volume. As size goes up, volume goes down.

There are a lot more 38 foot boats than 50 footers.

Also, the cost of making anything was less 30+ years ago. Take any of the 30 year old boats you are looking and figure out how much it would cost to make a brand new one now. US inflation will double the price of something in the last 30 years. A $200k boat in 1988 would be $426k now just from inflation.
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