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RE: Suggestions and informations for a potential future owner


I own a 2003 390 Mainship which is very similar to the 395. As Don said they make a very good coastal cruiser and you get a lot of boat for the money. I have had mine in 2 meter seas several times, but it is very uncomfortable as the boat is a bit top heavy. Most "trawlers" of this style are.

I spent close to a year in the Med when I was in the navy and was amazed when we went past Gibralter to see absolutly flat water with not even a ripple; while three weeks later we were in 10-12 meter seas with hurricaine force winds that ripped our life boats off and damaged the ship.

If you're cruising the Greek Islands or a similar area in settled weather it might be a good choice, but if you're looking for a boat to use for extended off shore cruising, i would look at something like a Krogan.

Good Luck

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