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Most boats with 50-240 have little use for real 240, they just need 2 120V legs.

This requires a jumper to connect both 120v legs to the single 120v leg from a 30a outlet.

This is best done (tho expensive ) with a short purpose built unit., at the power pole using marine components .

IF a 30 A light weight power hose is used the 240 plug will simply have the red and black wires connected.

This works fine ,,,until you forget the vessel is only getting 30A and you turn on too much load.

The 30A plug will loose a terminal in its black wire., or you could melt the 30A wire.

If the boat only needs the ability for a home dock , using RV electrical parts is safe and 1/5 the cost , but not suitable to breaking salt water waves.
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