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Craig: This thread is right up my alley! I have owned several C Dorys and as many on the C Brats forum can attest to, I moved up very quickly to a bigger boat (I'm not proud of that! I did it the wrong way...)

My last C Dory was a 25 cruiser. It was very capable and actually a great mini trawler. Many folks here will say that it's NOT a trawler...But to me a trawler means many different things to many people. Anyway, the 25 C Dory is definitely capable of long distance coastal cruising and at a fraction of the cost of bigger boats. There are several Brats (C Brats website forum members) who have done the Great Loop and some long range runs from the PNW past BC and beyond.

However my initial reason for getting into trailerable trawlers was to TRAILER. Lol. No surprise there right?? Well, I found out over the course of two years that I didn't like trailering. I came to that conclusion from many factors but for me it was something that I didn't want to do anymore.

You brought up a good point about the tow vehicle. That IS a major expense and consideration for sure. Most bigger trailerable trawlers (C Dory 25, TomCat 255, RangerTug 27+, Rosborough 246, etc...) will require a 3/4 ton or bigger sized pickup truck. Can you get away with a smaller rig for shorter distances? Sometimes, yes. But usually a bigger rig is needed. So that definitely is an added expense, especially in my case because I didn't own a big tow vehicle (and didn't want to, lol).

But one of my biggest reasons was ease of use. I realized that I'd get much more use out of keeping my boat at a marina vs trailering. I love having my new slip and I'm trending towards the liveaboard lifestyle in 2019. It's so easy to just get up and drive to the marina. Easy. Done. But I know that many folks don't live close to the water so that is another pro/con question for why they trailer.

The other big factor for me was that damn 3 foot itis. My 25 C Dory was pretty roomy and very well designed for a 25 footer with an 8'6 beam but I felt that it was just a tad too cramped for my future plans. So after that I started looking at boats in the 28 foot to low 30's range. I didn't wanna make the jump to high 30 footers or low 40' just yet (although my liveaboard aspirations will probably lead me there in a few years). I'm glad that I found my Camano 31! I feel that it's the perfect stepping stone from a 25' to the next range. Not too big and overwhelming but also not too cramped. I love the interior space! I also looked at the Albin 30 aft cabin, Eastern 35 and some other downeast designs. There's actually a LOT of options for "trawlers" in the low 30 foot range....Do your homework.

Well sir, I don't wanna get too long winded because I know that many other more experienced TrawlerForum guys will add their valued input. In closing I would say go a bit bigger than what you think you need! 3 foot itis is very REAL and VERY expensive! If you move up quickly in size like I did then you'll be wasting a good amount on sales tax and other items. On the other hand, many folks keep their trailerable trawlers for a long time and would never even consider a "big" boat. Sorry! Lol

2005 Silverton 35 Motoryacht
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