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Laptops On Board

Most of the problems (our engineer tells me) are issues with the operating system, not the applications themselves.

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I'd say your engineer is covering up his poor coding techniques and incompetence by blaming the operating system. The computer I am typing this on is a one year old DELL running Windows 7 and is rock solid. I turn it on in the morning and turn it off when I go to bed. In the one year I have owned it, I don't recall even one instance where I had to reboot. Maybe you are still using Windows 95 Marin, as is your engineer.
On my boat, I am running Vista with Coastal Explorer (CE) and I have similar reliability. I use CE for route planning because it is so much easier to use than my Furuno NavNet VX2. Going though multiple layers of menus more accurately describes the Furuno VX2 than CE. The computer on the boat is used as a stand alone backup system with its own GPS. It saved my bacon on one of my trips when we went through a particularly complicated pass named Venn Passage leaving Prince Rupert, BC bound for Ketchikan. The Furuno chart I was relying on just went into a cross hatch like it does when on an unsupported scale. Nothing I did could get the chart to come back so thank god the computer running CE was right there.
My experience. New computers running the newest Microsoft operating systems are so much more reliably than those in the past there really is no comparison.

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