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Originally Posted by Maerin View Post
I configured my 4 120W panels to fit on my PH roof, wanted to have them hinged so I could maintain access to the areas under the panels. They hinge in the center so I can swing both of them up and tie them together. It involves removing (4) 1/4-20 bolts, the panels fold up & cabling all stays in place, no disconnection required. Photos on my blog here> Solar project

I had my local sheet metal shop fabricate all the components/brackets from stock aluminum angle or sheet, ordered the hinges from McMaster. Cost of mounting was about $1300. Not inexpensive, but accomplished what I wanted to do with minimal impact on the boat structure. Panels attach to frame with 3/16 aluminum pop rivets, the entire mounting system is attached with 6 #14 screws that attach to the PH roof. The penetrations are potted with thickened epoxy since the roof is cored construction. All the stainless fasteners are electrolytically isolated from the aluminum. 2 yrs out and the installation shows no sign of corrosion.
Steve, Nice job on the panels! Did you seal up the hatch in the Pilot House?

And your blog is Awesome! I really like the ease of navigating through it. 👍👍👍
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