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I've used all sorts of tools for the purpose. Tools which do not 'lift' the chips off, into your face, and raise chips off of adjacent surfaces are to be preferred. Many of the blades you might have at hand will dull quickly when cutting 'glass. But you can throw away cheap blades at hand more quickly and cheaply than the drive to Home Despot. That said, I will trash a holesaw blade when appropriate; much easier than trying to mill a round hole with something else.

I most often will use a router and a solid carbide 'end mill'. Mark the hole with blue painters' tape. Cut a rough hole with anything handy, including the router. 'Nibble' up to the line with the router; cut in the direction that does not want to dig into the wrong place. Clean up the hole, including the corners, with a file.

Just for fun, here are a couple pics. The white stuff is Home Despot's fiberglass sheet used for the window frames, glued on to Lexan windows and glued on to the frame, on a Little Free Library. The wood is Walnut on a 'switch thingy' and forms the switch cover for 'designer style' switches. The wood is Antique Heart Pine on the receptacles. All done with a router and the solid carbide end mill. Not very difficult at all, and I really don't have steady hands.
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