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I configured my 4 120W panels to fit on my PH roof, wanted to have them hinged so I could maintain access to the areas under the panels. They hinge in the center so I can swing both of them up and tie them together. It involves removing (4) 1/4-20 bolts, the panels fold up & cabling all stays in place, no disconnection required. Photos on my blog here> Solar project

I had my local sheet metal shop fabricate all the components/brackets from stock aluminum angle or sheet, ordered the hinges from McMaster. Cost of mounting was about $1300. Not inexpensive, but accomplished what I wanted to do with minimal impact on the boat structure. Panels attach to frame with 3/16 aluminum pop rivets, the entire mounting system is attached with 6 #14 screws that attach to the PH roof. The penetrations are potted with thickened epoxy since the roof is cored construction. All the stainless fasteners are electrolytically isolated from the aluminum. 2 yrs out and the installation shows no sign of corrosion.
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