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I'm not in the Florida sun so this may not work so well for you.
I quite with those ss tracks and the felt seals. I found the same thing; I was forever fighting with them. enough.

I started using BLACK UHMWPE. The black is the UV protection so do not be tempted to substitute the white. All my sliders are now done. The first were done about 3-4 years ago. They work well and they don't have that troublesome felt; don't need it either.
They won't be forever but I expect 10 yrs+ which for me is good

I simply cut the blank strips to the lenght, height and width needed to form a track.
Then I cut the tracks into the material to allow a bit of slop for the windows. The track bottom was left thick enough, about 1/8", to bury a screw head, silicone bronze, fully recessed so the glass wouldn't make contact.
I started with 1"W x 3/4"T x 10 ft long strips from the supplier and then trimmed to suit. First was cut to 4ft lengths for ease of sawing the grooves.

I then used a Vargus deburring tool on the edges to form a tiny curve and remove any hairs.
The stuff can be cut to final length with a handsaw.

I was able to match the old screw holes into the frame by heavily taping the old SS track on top of the new in the same orientation and then drilling the the holes in the SS tack. Then use another bit to produce the recess for the screw head. Be carefull when recessing as the material can grab and jerk the bit in and fully through. I use a bit stop collar to prevent that.

I now have to be carefull to not shove the windows too hard as the tracks are slippery and there is no felt to ball up and interfere or collect junk so they slide very easily.

Just my solution.
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