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I have had a P12000 for about 10 years. You can mount it any where. The only part of the entire unit that gets too hot to touch is the glass in the door. The sides of the heater are cool to the touch. The exhaust chimney gets pretty hot but you can touch it briefly. The heater comes with a stainless steel mounting plate so rear clearance is not an issue. The only complaint I have about mine is that the fan is a bit noisy at higher settings.

Venting is NOT an issue since the heater draws in outside air for combustion and has a sealed combustion chamber. The exhaust stack is the inner tube of the double chimney so it preheats combustion air. No exhaust gases are vented into the cabin so condensation is not a problem.

You do need to have the fan on pretty high to get maximum heating. A second fan to circulate cabin air is also a good idea.

We quite enjoy the visible flame at night.

I also have a Webasto Airtop 2000. It heats the boat much more quickly than the Dichinson, but the blower for the forced air is louder and it draws considerably more electrical power. The Webasto also cost almost three times what the Dickinson cost. Note I bought the complete installation kit with fuel pump, ducting, through hull exhaust vent, etc.

The Dickinson comes as a complete kit. All you will need to buy is a propane hose and wire to connect the fan to your 12 VDC system.
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