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Fire Safety While Cruising

One of the things that has often concerned me while cruising is the ability to hear a smoke alarm while the vessel is operating. We have smoke detectors installed in the Sleeping Cabins, Engine Room, inside the Main Electrical Panel (sniff out any hot wires early), behind the Helm Dash, etc. The detectors seldom alarm, but when they do we fully investigate.

My main concern has always been "will we be able to hear an alarm when we are cruising for hours and hours on the flybridge" (especially the engine room alarm). Well I think I have found a relatively inexpensive solution!

First Alert make a smoke alarm that is battery operated (2 AA Batteries) is "Wirelessly Interconnected" and has, not only an easy to hear alarm, but also sound an additional "Voice" alarm that tells you the location of the alarm that set off the warning!

We have installed them in the locations mentioned above, but also one under the dash on the flybridge. Now when an alarm sounds at any one of the alarm locations, they all sound off, but what I really think is cool is they all also announce the location of the alarm that set off the alarm (where the smoke has been detected). Note that the locations it can announce (9 different locations) are geared for a residence (kitchen,utility room, guest bedroom,etc). So for one in the engine room we chose to set the location as "Basement" the Pilothouse we chose "Office" , etc.

I cannot yet comment on how frequently they false alarm, but they are well made, easy to install, and easy to setup and relatively inexpensive to purchase. They look like an easy solution to provide an "early warning" to a problem best known sooner, than later! You may want to check them out (I have no connection).

Stay Safe!

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