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RE: mainship-stern thruster

FF wrote:

Since the time factor is critical on electric thrusters , folks should contemplate HYD , as they have no time limit.
*Folks should contemplate learning how to handle their boat. *3 minutes is the time limit on most thrusters and should be MORE than plenty enough time to get the boat into it's parking spot. *I use mine probably a total of 10 seconds going in and out....and that is just me being lazy. *I could easily do without it...although backing is quite a challenge.

I consider propwalk on a boat a "one way stern thruster". *Like someone said, use it to your advantage and always dock to your "advantaged" side if you have a should do that on any boat.

Given the choice, I would take a bow thruster over a stern thruster....BUT....Marin mentioned value...and with value, cost must be considered. *I stern thruster is significantly less expensive to install. *Maybe a stern thruster has more "value" in that regard.
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