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RE: mainship-stern thruster

jck2843 wrote:
To the writer looking for a trawler in the 35' range I agree the Mainship is an excellent choice. I actually had a contract on an '83 type three. It was moved to the yard to correct some survey items when hurricane Irene broke the boat and the contract.

While I've never used a stern thruster it would seem to be a handy item on a single screw boat. Most back to port ( Mainships especially so) and a counter thrust would certainly be a help when backing into a slip. When backing the stern becomes the bow and the thruster with the prop should make for "front wheel drive"!
*I ran an old 34 Mainship for 14 years. The "back to port" feature actually helped me big time. It never hurt. Once you learn that the boat will do that and only do that, manouvering is easy. Took me about 2 seasons (using the boat almost every weekend) to fully be competent.* IF you add a thruster to that boat a bow thruster is a better choice. I can put the a$$ end of a single screw boat anywhere I's the pointy end thatgives the trouble and where you need control.

All that said, my current boat has a hydraulic stern thruster (installed by the previous owner). It does work and helps*a 40 ft boat with a full fat keel *tremendously, however it only moves the bow when there is light wind. The hydraulic is nice because as FF said, there is no time limit to use. Sometimes I use it to show off a little and to save a few back and fills.

The issue with a stern thruster is depth of the prop. It has to be above the hull bottom so there is no drag under way, so that means when my boat's stern is light, (as in when my water tanks are near empty), the prop is partially out of the water and much much less effective.


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