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RE: mainship-stern thruster

jck2843 wrote:
When backing the stern becomes the bow and the thruster with the prop should make for "front wheel drive"!
*Hmm.... not sure I agree with that one.* When backing the stern is still the stern because that's where the rudder(s) and*prop(s)*is (are)*which makes the stern act totally differently than the bow no matter which way you're going.

In my opinion, if one has a single engine boat and wants the benefits of a thruster, a bow thruster is going to buy you a lot more maneuverability value than a stern thruster.* Unless one has a very specific docking or maneuvering challenge for which moving the stern sideways with the prop, rudder, and inertia doesn't work.* Then a stern thruster may be the solution.

But under most circumstances, a single engine boat already has a stern thruster in the form of the rudder and prop.* If the driver knows how to use them together with inertia, a single engine boat can be backed as straight as a counter-rotating*twin although it might take a bit more time and a few more marine gear shifts to do it.
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