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Cockpit Cover, Hall Storage and Oil Change

Hi, from an almost Troll owner.

I'm waiting for a final survey report, but I believe I am the almost owner of a 97 Troll. I'll take possession in a week or two.

In the mean time, I have a few questions that I might get a head start on.

First, the boat does not have any sort of cockpit cover. At the moment, my plan is to install a canvas cover supported by stainless rails. Its a pretty small area to cover and I'm thinking of doing it myself. I've sewn quite a bit of canvas, but all pretty simple stuff. Anyone tackled this job and if so, any suggestions would be appreciated.

Second, the boat needs an oil change, which I will do right away. Is there any standard, tried and true way of draining the oil? In routing around the area around the engine, I did not see any easy to spot drain line, so any ideas are appreciated.

and Finally, as you all know, there is that rather odd lower hall area below the step into the head area. Several of the boats I looked at had added raised flooring in that area, with storage underneath. Any suggestions? one Piece, or a couple? vented or not?

Looking forward to getting her back to my boathouse and doing a few things, but these will likely be the first..

thanks in advance

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