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My 2003 Pilot 34 has a little of this problem. It is unnoticeable if the bottom is clean but worsens with a dirty bottom.

I would check the normal prop vibration issues:

1. Prop trueness- your surveyor should have held a straight edge in place and rotated the prop to see any lack of true.
2. Prop shaft straight- rotate with a dial indicator at several points along the shaft
3. Prop seated properly on taper- would have to pull prop to do
4. Coupling square to shaft- check as part of 5. Open the coupling and rotate tanny and prop shaft with a dial indicator on the faces.
5. Engine alignment

One or more of these could be causing your vibration. If all are good then this boat may be more prone to the hydraulic/dynamic vibration problem. Some report success with fairing deadwood. It didn't make any difference on mine.

Good luck.

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