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Al, from what I've read/learned (admittedly I'm currently inexperienced with diesels and marine diesels in particular) white smoke on startup indicates unburned diesel fuel - and yes, possibly, coolant. Given I'm not losing coolant and see no other signs of a head gasket failure (coolant in the oil, oil in the coolant, hard starts, etc) I'm thinking this combined with the strong diesel smell on startup equals normal cold FL startup - which chills me out a bit.

My original question was more about what color others think this smoke is. My observations became untrustworthy and I suspect that little voice in my head was saying "it could be blue, no grey, no blue...but it's probably just white".

I can get over it as "normal" as again, a strong engine survey indicated nothing wrong except a list of updates needed (Xsbank's list covered many of them) but on a cold rainy PNW day it's easy to see things in the smoke I guess.
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