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Lehmans always mark their territory! The old technology engines are efficient at one fairly narrow speed range and one similarly narrow temperature range. Don't start them until you are ready to leave, throw off the lines and warm them up with a load and they will smoke for a shorter time and there will be less fuel in the water (another advantage is that if somebody takes umbrage at the sheen, you will be gone!). Comfort yourself knowing that most of the fuel will evaporate and the smoke will stop........shortly.

Injectors should be done at the proper intervals, see the Lehman manual. However, don't expect a huge change, you will get better "mileage" with serviced injectors but as she already starts well, little else will change (she "might" run smoother).

The Lehman is very reliable in a boat, make sure you burp the coolant as per the manual, you probably want to change the lift pump gasket as they leak, check the injector fasteners both on the outside of the block and under the valve cover, do the American Diesel catch-can mod and the Simms pump mod (change the oil in it at 50 hours and monitor) and make sure to not put too much oil in it (the dipstick was calibrated for a truck, yours are now tilted quite a bit). That's all I can think of before dinner.

There is a mod for the fuel filters on the engine too, recommended.
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