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Dickinson Newport Propane heater placement

Guys, I've pretty much decided that I wanna install a Dickinson P12000 propane furnace. A P9000 is also an option but I think the 12000 is a better buy as long as it fits in the Camano 31 salon.

My CruiseAirrrrr reverse cycle works great but I don't have a generator (the PO took it out) and I don't want one. I like keeping it simple.

I DON'T WANNA TURN THIS INTO A DEBATE ABOUT WHICH AUX HEATING SYSTEM IS BETTER. I definitely wanna go with propane because I already have a propane system on board and I like the Newport specs. I'm aware that diesel is safer (Webasto and others) but I've decided against it. I've also decided against an engine Buss heater.

So......Where would (could?) I mount it?? I need a straight run for the exhaust flue and intake. Actually it's one section....The air intake is a small pipe inside and the outer core is the exhaust.

The only spots I see are:

1. Port , aft near the door (about 1 foot from the factory glass storage area.

2. Port, about 6 inches aft from the head door.

Where else? Thanks guys! I can't wait to do this mod! I need heat while underway and also love the aesthetics of this unit.

2005 Silverton 35 Motoryacht
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