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First night cruise

Hit the Bay for our first night cruise. Gorgeous out there but boy do you need to pay much closer attention to the environment! Especially the big cargo ship that was coming out of the estuary as we were coming in. Didn't spot it until it was right in front of us. Guess the tug boat that preceded it should have been a clue. Anyways, we never got close enough to warrant warning honks or anything, but still it was a surprise how it was suddenly upon us.

Also weird not to see the water in front of the boat well enough to spot an obstruction such as a log or whatever. Do people typically use more powerful spotlights than the one we have, or do you simply hope you don't hit anything that's in the water. Obviously, I kept a close eye on the radar and the surroundings, but it's doubtful I would have spotted anything half submerged as I would be able to do during the day.

Anyways, here are some pics!
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