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Originally Posted by firstbase View Post
Pic below. Bent platform bracket. I could leave it as is but would have a minor league soft spot where the teak can bend down or I could straighten it. Any chance I can hammer it out while it is bolted on? Not a big enough deal to take it all the way off and straighten it properly. Just wondering if it will bend back with some hefty hammering? could it be heated and them hammered, would that help? Concerned that pounding it would loosen from the hull or do other damage to the transom...what would you do? Apologies for the rotated pic. Can't figure out how to avoid that happening.

I would think a " heavy " steel flat bar or some sort of straight steel bar stock across the top and 1 or two serious C Clamps. You could even space that bar away from the bracket to allow for a bit of over-bend ..... FB
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