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Originally Posted by BruceK View Post
Why did it bend in the first place? Not strong enough?
If you bend metal, and re-bend it the other way, it can get "plastic", ie more prone to bending. Reinforcing the bent section with an extra plate might help, brazed(it`s bronze?), or just bolted.
It appears one of the 3 previous owners backed into something. there are four brackets and this one is the second one in on the starboard side. It pushed the swim platform back and inch or so. It was sitting up against the hull for a foot or two directly behind the bent bracket. going out each side there is an inch or so of space. going to straighten the bracket as best I can, fill in the holes in the teak where the screws went in through the bracket from below. There were some through bolts as well. Filling holes and reinstalling with new hardward.

Reinforcing is probably a good idea, thanks. Could add a piece underneath and just use long screws and bolts.
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