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Originally Posted by cardude01 View Post
Measured the boat the other day, and it appears I only have enough room for two 100W panels. Would a cheap package like this be good enough to keep the batteries topped off at the dock in case the shore power fails? I don't think 200 watts will do much for me out on the hook.

I could go with a more expensive package like this with a better controller, but is it worth it with 200W?
When you say "you measured", that gives you a footprint of the physical dimensions or real estate you have to mount panels. I am sure you should be able to find panels that fit in that footprint that have different watts outputs greater than 100W. Personally, I would get that highest output panels I could get to fill that footprint. Also get the highest voltage panels you can get and let the MPPT controller convert that to a higher amps input to your batteries. Higher volts and watts per square inch of panel and an MPPT controller will cost more but you will get more bang out of the real estate you have available.
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