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While I appreciate the convenience of a package, if you buy separate components you can put together a system at about the same price but with a superior Morningstar controller.

Buy whoever's 100 watt panels are the cheapest as they are all about the same. But buy this Morningstar controller- It may be Chinese made as they all are, but at least it is designed by Americans (like iPhones).

That more expensive package uses an MPPT controller and while it works ;-) it will add about 15% more to your batteries over a PWM controller like the Morningstar, but for 200 watts, it isn't worth it.

For easy wiring hook up your two panels with an MC4 Y and then use 8 gauge MC4 cables for the run to your controller which should be located near the batteries.

You might be surprised what 200 watts will do. It should put out 70 amp hours on a sunny day. That will just about cover me for a normal 24 hours on the hook. YMMV.

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