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Originally Posted by BruceK View Post
My IG has a blower,it is near the vent on one side but not connected by tubing to the vent.
If I forget to run it, the ER will be noticeably hotter. At the vents I can feel air entering on one side and exiting the other, no great pressure but enough to be noticeable.
FLs, so no turbos to feed.
Which way does it blow, in or out of the boat?

A little off topic: My Hatteras had two OEM sets in each ER, both of which sucked air out of the ER. One set was DC and vented the batteries, with intake low along the battery boxes. The operating manual said not to run these at or above "cruising speed" which meant about 80% throttle which we never did for extended periods of time. The other set were AC blowers specified for cooling the ER after the engines were turned off or to vacate CO2 if the fire system had discharged. These vented at the ceiling.

The engines, Detroit 8v92tti (twin turboed) were fed air from large side vents next to each engine. During the winter, we used to stuff towels in the intake vents so more of the the warmth generated by the block heaters would stay inside the boat.
A few times I forgot to remove the towels, until I put that on the checklist. At hull speed and below it didn't seem to make any difference and I don't recall running the engines up with them in, but if I did I didn't notice a difference then either. But then again they were never in there more than an hour or two .
So that there's my story, or most of it on that subject. I looked into putting a Delta T system in, but never could make a "business case" to do so.

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