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Unhappy Cummins pre-heater failure

Hello folks,

The pre-heater on my 2001 Cummins 5.9 BTA has stopped working.

Its the standard unit mounted on the top of the aftercooler. This one also has the manual override switch wired in (as per Seaboard Marine's site: ).

I want to get the unit working again even though I have an oil-pan heater also, as we anchor a lot and I can't use the oil pan heater all the time when on the hook.

The switch and light on the dash comes on when pressed, but I get no voltage drop like I used to. I have also pulled the unit and checked the unit out with a multimeter, as per the cummins manual. All the connections seem good, but I am getting no power to it when switched on (even with the temperature sensor disconnected). I wondered if it could be the solenoid, or if its simpler to just swap the whole thing out (and how difficut that is) to save hours of troubleshooting.

Any suggestions welcome.

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