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RE: Trawler Safety

We have no problem with you posting that pic in the "Off the deep end" forum.* If you are offended by those kinds of pics and you're in there, that's YOUR problem.* We just don't want it to be your Avatar.* She'll be popping up everywhere!*

However, this is not an "Adult" site, if you know what I mean.* We are bound by our contract on the content.* That pic is at the limit, but if there is anymore nudity involved they could classify us as an "Adult" site!* That would mean that some some kid in a school or at home may be prevented from getting to this site in the first place.* And we don't want that to happen.* We won't everybody in the world to get equal access to this site.* Even those in countries with stricter rules than we've got!

Besides, like I said before, if you guys can't find porn on the internet....see Baker (or Keith)!*
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