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RE: Ford Lehman Runaway

patzfan4eva wrote:AND YES Rick!! I was looking for someone to hold my hand and tell me it would be alright!! Where were you on that one? lol
*I must have been checking my oil level or something.*

Besides, I am not likely to ever suggest to someone that their engine is just peachy swell after experiencing a runaway event.

Besides, the oil level thing sounds fishy, surely you checked it before starting and after adding oil? Did you check it after it quit?

If it was running on*a crankcase full of fuel diluted oil then it is unlikely that simply shutting off the fuel supply would stop it since the governor had long since reduced the fuel delivery to virtually nil in its attempt to slow down the engine.

That is why very few are willing to bless your engine. I am surprised BS takes such a casual approach but then again he sells engine parts so doesn't havwe much too lose.
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