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RE: Ford Lehman Runaway

patzfan4eva wrote:
Alot of people are looking at this thread but no one is adding. Love to hear alot of ideas, opinions and perhaps examples from other members - PLZ!
*My suggestion is to call American Diesel Corp and talk with Bob Smith the Ford-Lehman "guru" about this. I'm sure he has run into this before.

My only "runaway" was with my old VW diesel Rabbit pickup. It would suck the crancase vent into the intake manifold...the manifold would hold oil in the crevices, then once in a while, always while going uphill with my foot to the floor (it was there often with that vehicle) it would suck in the oil and runaway....wouldn't hurt anything though as it would last only 20 to 30 seconds and then all the oil would be burned up. It was under load so the rpm stayed in check.

So you are theorizing that the oil got sucked into the enigne via the valve stem seals?

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