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Mr. r. I can't speak to that specific fixture but last year the ballast died in our (12V DC) galley fluorescent ceiling fixture. It is boat model specific and I had no idea where to buy a replacement. I removed the fixture and gutted the "innards" leaving only the housing intact with the + and - wiring. I purchased a 50' roll of adhesive backed LED strip lighting with appropriate terminal tackle and trimmed two lengths to fit the space (12" possibly?). Connected the power, being careful of polarity (the LED's only work in "one direction") and walla! Nicer light, no heat and hopefully much longer lifespan.

Could you fashion a circular piece of plywood that would fit inside the lens and affix a band of LED's around the edge of the ply (similar to a tire on a rim)? That way you've still got the same fixture. The stuff I got is pretty well plug and play.
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