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Even on the hook , most boats ventilate from aft to fwd.

Having the noisemaker in the bow is a great use of unused space , and if the ride is rough the noisemaker can take it.

Unusual , but try it out before using the sledgehammer .

One of the best engineered MS cruisers (about 55-60ft) had the main engine forward (DD 6-71) as well as the noisemaker.The engine clutched to a mechanical windlass , and truck style drive shafts were used to power the prop.

The CPP setup had its own thrust bearing so there was almost zero extra expense for the build.

Room in the engine room was excellent , one could stand next to the engine for service. A forward hatch made venting a delight.

2 trips around , being sold to experienced folks for the 3rd go round.

The space below was beyond magnificent with no room taken from the hull for the Hell Hole.

This of course was a custom build , but the noisemaker up front might just work.
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