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Please take this is in the constructive way it is intended... but in your very unique vessel, there should be almost no such thing as a 'loss of propulsion' emergency. Especially with the wind from astern. What you would have had - assuming the weather wasn't scary and you weren't starving - was a fantastic learning experience.

I'm sure that boat won't sail 'well' in many respects, but it's probably as good as what Columbus had back in the day. And once the engine is out of the equation the sailing characteristics should be more akin to normal sailing, where the apparent wind is not confusing things.

With more experience should come more confidence in your abilities and the boat's. I'm sure many are envious of the peace of mind that sailing rig should give you in the event of engine failure.

That said, any emergency is really whatever the skipper deems an emergency. Get it taken care of and sort out the pleasantries later.
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