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Here is the multi curved mahogany plywood rail board. This goes under the front edge of the rear plywood, and the teak screws on top the plywood.

Back inside is in pretty good condition.

Bottom view, board is fine here.

Showing the curve hump up,with board propped up.
Top of board is badly damaged on the inside ends.

And somewhat damaged where it laid against the inside cockpit teak covering board. The linseed oil putty had long ago dried out and was hard to scrape clean.
FAIL, oem liked that stuff, but it is a fail.

I used a metal brush and scraped clean all the rotted wood from the entire board. The board still feels pretty strong, so good for a form.

I have been thinking maybe the best way forward, take board to boat and temporarily screw into position. Then laminate, glue with titebond 3 and screw on the bottom thin strips of treated wood, perhaps 1/4, maybe can go 3/8 thick. Build up several layers. Then unscrew the board, take home and on the tablesaw slice off the top layer perhaps a half inch worth. Then glue more laminations on top the board. So a sandwich will be made.

I can also laminate a thin piece to the front to seal the mahogany from rain effects. This board being such an odd shape using it as a pattern is a good idea.

And all my new rails are all taller and wider than OEM. 2.75 inches tall and 1.75 inches in width. Old rails are 2.25 inches tall and 1.25 inch thick. So I have room to add height to this board which can only help.

Why the OEM builder did such small sizes, who knows, the teak covering boards are plenty wide enough to accommodate taller plywood support rails. Just another OEM blunder.
I have even thought of wrapping the repaired board in fiberglass wallboard tape, then smearing PL glue all over it. Would add more strength and better sealing. I repaired a molded plywood chair bottom that way. Somewhere I have a roll of tape.
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