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Originally Posted by gaston View Post
Cummins 330HP

*Inspect EVC systems. N/A
*Replace engine oil and filters 40 minutes
*Inspect coolant levels and quality 2 minutes
*Adjust drive belts 15 minutes
*Replace air filters 5 minutes
*Replace primary and secondary fuel filters 30 minutes
*Clean seawater filters 5 minutes
*Replace engine anodes 30 minutes
*Inspect seawater pump impellers N/A on Cummins
*Replace CCV filters N/A but its a 10 min job
*Inspect rudder actuator oil 30 seconds
*Clean seawater inlets Need to lift boat to inspect ?????
*Replace transmission oil and filters 30 minutes
*Inspect exhaust hoses 5 minutes
*Test run engines
5 minutes

Oil and filters $220 AU

Just saying [/QUOTE]

Are your numbers for one engine or two?
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