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Let me realate my experiences with ICW blockages near Camp Lajune. After arriving at Mile Hammock Bay at about 5:00 PMI was booted out due to some exercise going on in the bay which was unrelated to the ICW closure further up which I was unaware of.

So I headed up the ICW hoping to make the anchorage at Swansboro before dark. I was stopped just north of the Onslow swing bridge by a Navy patrol boat who told me that there was a live fire exercise going on further up and I would have to hold up. The ICW was wide at that point and the Navy guy said I could stay there all night anchored if I wanted to. So I dropped the hook and made dinner and watched the action.

Marines bailed out of airplanes overhead and I saw amphibious craft rush down the ICW in front of me. Firing was intense at times. Then a couple of hours later the patrol boat called and said I could continue through if I wanted to. It was dark by then and I wasn't thrilled about continuing up the ICW in the dark but I wasn't keen on staying in the middle of the ICW on the hook all night either.

So I hauled anchor and set the radar on very short range and set the chartplotter for a radar overlay. Then I slowly made my way forward under a new moon, ie no moonlight. It worked ok and I got to Swansboro where I dropped the anchor working almost blind with just the chartplotter and radar overlay to guide me.

I must say it worked amazingly well as I moved up the ICW to see the next marker up ahead on the plotter, note that the radar return matched and then when I got within 50 yards I could finally see the marker exactly where the electronics said it would be. They all jived within about 20 feet which was plenty to stay in safe water.

That was an experience I would not willingly repeat, but when you gotta go you gotta go.

Back to the OP. I suspect that the CG announces a blanket closure of the ICW but the Navy patrol boats really define when and where the ICW is closed. The exercise I was in lasted maybe a couple of hours. If I was able to anchor at Mile Hammock it wouldn't have affected me at all.

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