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Originally Posted by Pgitug View Post
I know that one charger even with three charge circuits canít charge two types of batteries, ie wet cell and agm.

Not entirely accurate. Some 3-bank (for example) chargers can charge individual banks of wet and individual banks of AGMs at the same time. Generally not wet and gels, that I'm aware of...

But often wet and AGM charging profiles are close enough so that the wet manufacturer and the AGM manufacturer will suggest choosing a suitable charging profile that will work for both at the same time.

FWIW, or older (circa 2002) original charger only has two profile settings, one for wet/AGM and one for gel. The flooded/AGM setting was close enough, as we went through the bank transition from all flooded to all AGM, one bank at a time. And even after transition was complete, the ending charging profile was the same anyway.

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