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Originally Posted by cardude01 View Post
Do I need to disconnect for any reason? Will the solar controller sense that the AC battery charger is on and stop the current from getting through to the batteries from the solar panels?

I'm thinking of a setup with a 100w panel just used for topping off the batteries, or for backup if the shore power fails.

No, a controller is not a watch dog and there is no reason for one. The chargers that I am familiar with do not allow user control of bulk, absorption and float voltages..........OK before someone jumps up and down........there are chargers that do, I am just not familiar with them.

From my experience, chargers that do not allow users to change settings, seem to always go to the lower sides. My Xantrex 5012 is always in a hurry to jump from bulk to float while the batteries should remain in float or at least absorption. far... dock chargers do not charge lead acid batteries to their "full charge" but a solar controller at least those that allow users to change bulk, absorption and float voltages will.

I always leave my dock charger on along with my solar. My dock charger is a backup to a week of rain which might on a good day bring the batteries up to 70-80% while solar will bring them closer to 100%
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